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Thursday February 26, 2015

19:11 Europe, Land of the Free »German Joys
Ask many American expats and they'll tell you that they feel more free living in Germany than in the States, the land of the free and home of the brave. One of the many reasons: in America, your boss can...
14:44 And the Happiest Language in the World Is‚Ķ »Translation Blog
According to the Pollyanna principle, formulated in the ‚Äė70s by two social psychologists, people tend to use positive words more frequently than negative ones. Furthermore, we tend to remember in greater detail and describe more exhaustively those memories with a positive rather than a negative association. Based on this principle, researchers at the University of […]
13:10 Charla en las universidades: La visibilidad del traductor »Tabl√≥n de Anuncios ASOCESP
13:10 El ojo de Polisemo VII - Perdidos entre los g√©neros »Tabl√≥n de Anuncios ASOCESP
12:02 Five Years of PatentTranslator‚Äôs Blog (As My Adventures in Constructive Deconstruction of the Propagandistic Narratives of ‚ÄúThe Translation Industry‚ÄĚ Continue) »Patenttranslator's Blog
  Exactly five years ago, another translator told me “Steve, you should have a blog”. I don’t remember whether she said it at the Baker’s Crust restaurant in Greenbrier here in Chesapeake, Virginia, or whether the sentence that launched my silly blog appeared in my e-mail, but that is not important. The important thing is […]
10:51 Los delitos contra el honor en el Derecho ingl√©s: la traducci√≥n de libel y slander »Traduccion Juridica

Lo bueno de trabajar como traductores externos para muchos despachos de abogados es que tienes la suerte de poder ver materias diferentes en cada trabajo. Es verdad que la mayor√≠a de los textos que solemos traducir tienen que ver habitualmente con el Derecho mercantil o los contratos, pero tampoco es raro que alguno de nuestros […]

The post Los delitos contra el honor en el Derecho inglés: la traducción de libel y slander appeared first on Traducción Jurídica.

Wednesday February 25, 2015

19:17 Book review: Guerrilla Social Media Marketing »Adventures in Freelance Translation
Review of Guerrilla Social Media MarketingThe book consists of generic advice on how to use social media, as well as tools and services to help you implement your social media strategy. Action plans and steps are outlined that will guide you in creating and growing your social media presence.
13:11 Aurochs With and Without Questionable Ideology »German Joys
A translator opines on the difficulty of rendering Aurochs into English: Walser was prophetic about 100% Germanness. A good decade after his 1917 story, German scientists‚ÄĒHeinz Heck in Munich and his brother, Lutz Heck, in Berlin‚ÄĒstarted a program to breed...
09:14 Das neue suchradar 52 ist da: Tag Manager, Blogger Relations, YouTube-Hacks + mehr »Die Internetkapit√§ne
Soeben ist das neue suchradar 52 live gegangen – wieder mit vielen Informationen rund um SEO, SEM, Analytics und Recht. Wir hoffen, dass auch diesmal f√ľr alle wieder etwas dabei ist. Hier kommen alle Themen dieser Ausgabe: Top-Thema Google Tag Manager: Konsolidierte Steuerung von Online Marketing Tags (Teil 1) Online-Marketing Blogger Relations: Tipps f√ľr erfolgreiches […]
07:56 Workshop ‚Äď Landlord and tenant terminology, Manchester, UK »Translation & the law: From words to deeds
An interactive legal terminology workshop entitled ‚ÄúIntroduction to landlord and tenant law and contracts‚ÄĚ will be run on Saturday¬†14 March¬†2015¬†in …

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01:11 Weird search and replace bug in Studio 2014 SP2 »About Translation
01:10 Weird search and replace bug in Studio 2014 SP2 »About Translation

Tuesday February 24, 2015

22:01 Consecutive vs. Simultaneous »Translation Blog
When I started working in the industry I had no idea there was a difference between translations and interpretations. On my first day on the job I learned translation dealt with written language while interpretation dealt with spoken languages, easy enough right? Then I came to learn there are different kinds of interpretation, consecutive interpretation […]
16:12 Cognitive Biases and Anti-Vaxxers »German Joys
Since an 18-month old unvaccinated child in Berlin just died of measles, this new SciShow clip seems timely. The point is that parents who don't get their kids pricked aren't necessarily 'stupid', they're just letting their thinking be guided by...
15:53 GoogleTranslate, Linguee, and Summaries on the WIPO Website ‚Äď A Brief Comparison of Three Excellent Resources for Patent Translators »Patenttranslator's Blog
  Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. S√łren Kierkegaard There was a time when the only thing that this poor patent translator had at his disposal was an expensive, non-interactive, inanimate object made from dead trees called dictionary. I still remember the times when I had to print documents […]
14:11 Adalbert Stifter's American Fan »German Joys
Michael Lipkin discovers Adalbert Stifter: I found Stifter’s novella collection Bunte Steine (Many-Colored Stones) in the deathly quiet German-language stacks of Bartle Library. Over the course of several taciturn afternoons, I waded through the idyllic landscapes and kitschy interiors that...
14:11 La traducci√≥n veterinaria: un mundo por descubrir (EN>ES) »Tabl√≥n de Anuncios ASOCESP
14:11 Seminario en l√≠nea: ¬ęIntroducci√≥n a Intelliwebsearch¬Ľ »Tabl√≥n de Anuncios ASOCESP
13:11 ¬°Volvemos a la carga! »Don de Lenguas
¬°Hola, queridos oyentes!

Si nos habéis seguido con regularidad, habréis visto que hemos seguido emitiendo programas cada miércoles a las 18:25. Sin embargo, debido a motivos técnicos, no hemos podido mantener el blog actualizado. Os pedimos disculpas por ello, pero os comunicamos que a partir de ahora publicaremos una entrada tras cada sesión e iremos subiendo los programas atrasados.

Un saludo de parte de todo el equipo de Don de Lenguas, nos vemos el próximo miércoles a las 18:25.

Monday February 23, 2015

19:16 Conferencia: Traducir en la Uni√≥n Europea ‚ÄďDirecci√≥n General de Traducci√≥n: posibilidades de acceso, t√©cnicas de traducci√≥n, herramientas y otros recursos espec√≠ficos »RED COMUNICA. TRADUCCI√ďN E INTERPRETACI√ďN EN SERVICIOS P√öBLICOS
Desde el Grupos FITISPos hemos organizado una conferencia: Traducir en la Uni√≥n Europea ‚ÄďDirecci√≥n General de Traducci√≥n: posibilidades de acceso, t√©cnicas de traducci√≥n, herramientas y otros recursos espec√≠ficos, impartida por un representante de la Direcci√≥n General de Traducci√≥n.

La conferencia tendrá lugar el próximo jueves 26 de febrero de 12:00-13.30 hs en el aula 7 del Colegio de Málaga de la Universidad de Alcalá (Campus ciudad).

La entrada es libre. No es necesario realizar preinscripción ni confirmar asistencia.

Puede descargarse el cartel en
12:07 Monday smile ‚Äď The Court is exhausted »Translation & the law: From words to deeds
In a case involving Fanny Mae in Washington, the District Judge is really fed up with repeated extensions to deadlines …

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11:24 Webinar am Freitag: Daten in Content-Marketing verwandeln »Die Internetkapit√§ne
Am Freitag, den 27. Februar, findet von 10 – 11 Uhr wieder ein kostenloses Bloofusion-Webinar statt. Noch sind Pl√§tze frei! Thema diesmal: “Daten in Content-Marketing verwandeln”. Anhand von vielen Praxisbeispielen wird anschaulich erkl√§rt, wie aus Daten Inhalte kreiert werden, die im Online-Marketing erfolgreich eingesetzt werden k√∂nnen. Datenbasiertes Content-Marketing wirft viele Fragen auf: Wo kommen Daten […]
09:58 Nur-Anruf-Kampagnen f√ľr Google AdWords »Die Internetkapit√§ne
Ein neuer Kampagnentyp soll es Werbetreibenden ab sofort erm√∂glichen, mit ihren Anzeigen direkt auf Anrufe abzuzielen. Mit den sogenannten “Nur-Anruf-“, oder “Call-only-Kampagnen” lassen sich die entsprechenden “Nur-Anruf-Anzeigen” schalten. Bei diesen Anzeigen ist es nur noch m√∂glich, per Klick einen Anruf zu starten; ein Durchklicken auf die Website des Werbetreibenden geht hingegen nicht mehr. Ganz neu […]

Saturday February 21, 2015

23:10 Veganazis in translation: a fifth column for ISIS? »Translation Tribulations
09:10 CAT tools re-imagined - an approach to authoring and editing »Translation Tribulations

Friday February 20, 2015

18:11 Race Does Not Exist in France, Says the Front National »German Joys
In a long piece on the National Front, Susan Dominus interviews the mayor of Fréjus, National Front politician David Rachline: I recalled a conversation we had earlier in the day in his office, when I asked him to describe the...
15:20 Weekly translation favorites (Feb 13-19) »Adventures in Freelance Translation
Weekly favorites LG 3Weekly round-up of posts based on our favorite tweeted content over the past week. Topics: translation, localization, interpreting, languages, social media, and business.