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  • BDÜ Rheinland-Pfalz und BASF-Sprachendienst trauern um Basil Byrt
    Basil Byrt vom Sprachendienst der BASF, der sich über Jahrzehnte in verschiedenen Ämtern im BDÜ Rheinland-Pfalz engagierte, ist Ende 2014 verstorben, wie erst jetzt bekannt wurde. Der geborene Brite war bis zum Eintritt in den Ruhestand in leitender Funktion Übersetzer im Sprachendienst des Chemie-Giganten am Stammsitz der Gruppe in Ludwigshafen … Weiter lesen ... read more
    3 hours ago
  • ¡No hay tres sin cuatro!
    Tras las ediciones de 2012, 2013 y 2014, el Diario de un alemol ha vuelto a ser nominado para los Blogs de profesionales de idiomas 2015, una categoría del concurso Language Lovers 2015. Muchas gracias a todos los que me … Continue reading ... read more
    5 hours ago
  • Great news! My blog has been nominated!
    I know you hadn’t heard from me for a while, but I was studying in preparation for the ECQA Advanced TM examination by TermNet, which I am happy to report I passed today! Yay! I feel bad because I know that I abandoned my blog since I came back from Luxembourg, so today a new phase starts. And what better way to celebrate it than telling you that my blog has… ... read more
    6 hours ago
  • Retail Packaging When Going Global
    You’ve done it! You’ve achieved nationwide success, and now your company is ready for the next step: going global. You’re expanding into a number of foreign markets in countries all over the world. Now the question is: how do you package your product to sell in those countries? How do you make sure your brand stands out and remains uniquely identifiable with your company while still communicating the pertinent information… ... read more
    9 hours ago
  • Lesson 130: Managing non-translation projects for business development
    Thank you for following this series on putting things into practice so closely! We’ve had some great discussions and it’s good to know you’re benefitting from this topic. I wanted to dedicate the last article in this series to managing non-translation projects, that is everything related to running our marketing, sales, business development or even day-to-day operations. Of course, we know how to manage *translation* projects very well (at… ... read more
    9 hours ago
  • Daily Rant: The Horrible Problems of German Universities
    Dr. James Thompson, who runs a fine blog on cognitive ability and psychological measurement, sent a questionnaire out to various professors asking them to comment on the teaching environment at their universities. He got this response from the (psuedonymous) Prof. Dr. Schweinsteiger, from an unnamed German university. I haven't seen all of the problems he describes, but that is probably because I'm teaching law, which is a world of its… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    10 hours ago
  • And Lo, The Lord Spake: ‘You Shall Turn Your Swords into Plowshares and your Bicycles into Sex Toys’
    Ever wondered what to do with your old bicycles? The students of the Berlin Technical University have a suggestion: ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    11 hours ago
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  • Top Language Lovers 2015 – It’s time to vote!
    Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! Just a quick one today to let you know that the voting phase for the Top 100 Language Lovers 2015 competition hosted by and Lexiophiles has just started. I’m delighted that my blog (JALTranslation) has been nominated in the “Language Professional Blogs” category once again and any votes would be greatly appreciated! The competition is now in its seventh edition and last year… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Guest post: Translation terminology
    Welcome back to our guest post series! I hope you are all having a good week so far. How about taking that nice coffee/tea/juice/lunch break and read today’s guest post? Our guest today is Raphaël Toussaint. Welcome, Raphaël! Glossaries and terminology for freelance translators Although I am quite confident that most if not all readers know what terminology is, here once again a quick and simplified definition: Terminology is… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Beyond the Words nominated to Top Language Lovers 2015!
    Great news! Beyond the Words has been nominated to the Top Language Lovers competition in the category of Language Professional Blogs. The voting phase is open now and you can cast your vote here. Other categories in the competition include: Language Learning Blogs, Language Facebook Pages, Language Twitter Accounts and Language YouTube channels. Have a look at these great resources and pick your favourites. Remember that you can vote for more… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Multilingualism in Sub Saharan African education
    Last week I was suddenly reminded of a story a friend of mine had told me years ago. It went something like this:   “I went to visit two friends. A Tanzanian couple. At one point their daughter entered the room and asked her mother a question – in French. This I found weird, since most Tanzanians don’t speak French. They speak Kiswahili or English, but not French. I was… ... read more
    14 hours ago
  • 5 Things you Need to Know about Living Abroad
    Your average secondary school French teacher, however inspirational when armed with a rainbow of board pens and with the dulcet tones of our friends from Encore Tricolore as background noise, cannot teach you everything you need to know ahead of your ventures abroad.As part of my French and German degree (class of 2008), I underwent a period of time in the respective countries. During the fifteen months that I split… ... read more
    14 hours ago
  • Discovering Mirandese
    Mirandese or Mirandês in Portuguese is a romance language from the Iberian Peninsula which has its origins in Latin and Astur-Leonese. For years it was considered as a dialect and only in 1999 it was officially recognized as the second official language of Portugal. José Leite de Vasconcelos did the first studies about Mirandese in the XIXth century when it was still considered as a dialect. According to this linguist,… ... read more
    15 hours ago
  • Martin Walser: “Ich beurteile einen Übersetzer immer nach seinen Fragen”
    Im Frühjahr 2015 erschien Martin Walsers Roman „Ein springender Brunnen“ in der Übersetzung von David Dollenmayer in den USA. Aus diesem Anlass hat das Goethe-Institut ein Video-Interview mit dem 88-jährigen Schriftsteller geführt. Walser äußert sich darin unter anderem über die Zusammenarbeit mit den Übersetzern seiner Werke: Der Übersetzer David Dollenmayer … Weiter lesen ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • Copywriting lessons from Mad Men
    As my Twitter followers may know, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a really in-depth analysis of all Don Draper’s copywriting wisdom. Turns out that Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers has already done exactly that in this excellent infographic, so here it is. Guess I’ll just have to write ‘Copywriting lessons from Breaking Bad‘ instead… Courtesy of: Copy Hackers The post Copywriting lessons from Mad Men appeared first… ... read more
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    16 hours ago
  • everything-after-childhood: My boss put me in charge of the…
    everything-after-childhood: My boss put me in charge of the notice board today… Thanks, translatorsanonymous! It is glorious.And we totally would have missed this if I hadn’t looked into Activity. Clearly, it’s time we got interns.P.S. Where are the bingo boards? ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • ATRAE. Calendario de actividades para el tercer trimestre de 2015
    Os informamos de que ya tenemos confeccionado el calendario de actividades para el tercer trimestre de 2015.Como siempre, esperamos que os gusten nuestras propuestas.Podéis encontrar más información en nuestra página web. ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • I love my job.
    I got hired by two different clients (A and B) to translate the exact same text. They do not work together. Then A wanted me to proofread what “B” had translated. One job, three monies! ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • There’s more to being a freelance copywriter than just writing good words
    Marketing, accounting, project's a wonder freelancers have any time to spend on actual copywriting. ... read more
    20 hours ago
  • Writing properly for business: why does it matter? Really?
    Lots of experts tell you that it’s important to write properly for business. I am no exception. It’s not just about pleasing the Grammar Fascists … writing properly for business wins you more credibility In fact I am often accused of being a Grammar Fascist (Grammar Nazis have fallen foul of the Political Correctness Police, by the way) because I maintain that basic goofs in English are a no-no if… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Bilingual By Music
    I discovered Bilingual By Music recently and love the idea. It’s a CD set with two CDs. Each CD has children’s songs on it, but sung in two languages, English and Swedish. It’s a great way for children (and adults) to learn or improve their language skills. I’ve been listening to the Swedish CD with my daughter a lot and we both love it. I believe Bilingual By Music also… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Economic Update: Austerity Resistance Rising
    1 day ago
  • How to find direct clients
    By: Garfield Anderssen Most of the work I do is with agencies. There are advantages to this, the agency will often take care of formatting issues and  can often win larger contracts than a freelancer might. For example, I am currently doing a lot of work in my main specialism of tourism for a large hotel chain through an agency. It’s highly doubtful I’d have been able to win that… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • 4 Summer dishes for busy freelancers
    Hallo everyone, I never thought I would write about food but food is important and freelancers sometimes skip this part because there isn’t enough time for everything. So let’s just call this post off-topic or slightly off-topic or even a nice roundabout way to get some fresh tips for those of us (most of us? […] ... read more
    1 day ago