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  • Info about the course ‘How to Make More Money as a Translator’
    Translators are very passionate about the words they write, the quality of their translations, and getting things exactly right for the client. But what about their own business finances? Is it an area that translators focus on enough? Are they making enough money to allow them to enjoy their translation work, or do they have to take on work they don’t want in order to pay next month´s bills? I… ... read more
    9 hours ago
  • Why Are Translation Memories (TMs) Such a Useful Asset
    From my experience in the world of translation, Translation Memories (TMs) and Term bases (TBs) are sent in mainly by clients who request to translate large projects or small projects but with frequent updates. In a TB the client may prioritize the translation of certain terms over others, or even mark a translation as a “forbidden term”. In Translation Memories, entire segments can be saved in a special kind of… ... read more
    11 hours ago
  • Cousin Marriage is a Disaster for Developing Countries
    In some Muslim countries, over 50% of marriages are arranged, and involve cousins: A sophisticated recent study finds that this inbreeding is associated with truly staggering losses in IQ: We found significant decline in child cognitive abilities due to inbreeding and high frequency of mental retardation among offspring from inbred families. The mean differences (95% C.I.) were reported for the VIQ, being −22.00 (−24.82, −19.17), PIQ −26.92 (−29.96, −23.87)… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    14 hours ago
  • The Life of Every Translator Is Full of Unexpected Challenges
      Thirty years ago, when I was still working as an employee (visitor services representative) of the San Francisco Convention Visitors Bureau, two years before I started my own translation business, an elderly German lady who worked as a part-time receptionist/multilingual problem solver for a translation agency called me and asked me whether I could come to their office to take a look at a document for translation. It… ... read more
    15 hours ago
  • “Dental flossophy: the search for the absolute tooth.”
    “Dental flossophy: the search for the absolute tooth.” ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • Credit Where It’s Due: German Law Protects Gays in the Workplace
    A few days ago I pointed out the weak provisions of the German non-discrimination law on housing discrimination. It's only fair, though, to point out that the same law does prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation (g). It's still very difficult to prove a case and win damages in Germany based on the AGG, but at least the principle is there. The US Congress has tried to… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    16 hours ago
  • If we had three admins instead of two, we could have sent one to Glastonbury this weekend to…
    If we had three admins instead of two, we could have sent one to Glastonbury this weekend to report from there in addition to London Pride and the geek convention. I’d say donate to our PayPal, but we don’t even have one. ‪#‎UnorganisedDreamer‬(If you’re thinking ‘but you didn’t report from Pride’, that’s because I’d used up my data allowance. I’d say donate to our PayPal, but…) ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • This is how not to localise your mobile applications
    If you think that products developed for mobile devices are easier to localise than complex desktop applications, you might be wrong. Small screen resolution or limited space on the user interface are just a few examples on the long list of potential challenges. Many things can go wrong and the right approach is sometimes all you need to succeed. However, sometimes knowing how not to localise your mobile applications is… ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • Keep ‘em at arm’s length… body language, phone and email communication in Germany
    We’re delighted to welcome Karin Schimmelschulze, Managing Director of German Advantage, as a regular guest blogger. In this article, Karin reveals the key to successful communication when doing business with German clients. A room full of business people, all dressed accordingly in suit and tie for the gentlemen and mostly skirts or dresses of the The post Keep ‘em at arm’s length… body language, phone and email communication in Germany… ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • News of TermCoord for the week: International Conferences
    Every week we check the calendar of International Conferences in order to provide you with a list of the most relevant and interesting events focused on terminology, translation and linguistics. Our weekly proposal mainly contains European conferences, without excluding the major international conferences worldwide. Here is the list of International Conferences for this week: Istanbul (Turkey), 29-30 June 2015: LILA’15 Conference – Linguistics and Language Conference Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 1-3… ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • When my PM accidentally assigns me the Norwegian files instead of the Swedish onesTen minutes later
    When my PM accidentally assigns me the Norwegian files instead of the Swedish onesTen minutes later ... read more
    20 hours ago
  • Networking your way up as a freelance translator
    This is a guest post by Jorge Reparaz Downtime is the demon every entrepreneurial translator struggles with. No matter at what stage in your career path, a drop in workload is enough to make you sleepless, even if your experience tells you it is likely to be temporary. The solution may lie in a multifactorial […] The post Networking your way up as a freelance translator appeared first on Marketing… ... read more
    20 hours ago
  • Recap Das Beste in aller Kürze
    Direkt vorne weg, um den Spannungsbogen etwas abzukürzen: Es war eine super Konferenz! Von Anfang bis Ende war ich vollends begeistert. Von der Organisation, über die Leute bis zu den einzelnen Vorträgen war es einfach eine runde Sache. Durch die relativ überschaubare Anzahl war es recht familiär, einige Gesichter kannte man schon, viele neue hat man kennengelernt. Die Speaker waren mit den entsprechenden Themen gut ausgewählt und haben sehr informative… ... read more
    20 hours ago
  • A sorry story
    Are you sick of the senseless shoehorning of 'stories' into every conceivable item of comms? ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • Monday smile – Coffee personality
    I have decided that this Monday smile qualifies as such on the grounds (sorry! ;-) ) that many lawyers, translators, interpreters and academics only get through life as a result of coffee. Crosses language barriers too! :-) Thanks to a friend, I happened upon these interpretations of what your coffee says about you, from a UK newspaper. Enjoy! […] ... read more
    22 hours ago
  • Langenscheidt bietet Online-Wörterbücher jetzt kostenlos und werbefinanziert an
    Langenscheidt hat jetzt mit etlichen Jahren Verspätung auf den Erfolg von kostenlosen, werbefinanzierten Online-Wörterbüchern wie dem 2002 gestarteten und dem 2008 von Klett geschaffenen reagiert und ein eigenes Wörterbuchportal vorgestellt. Dort finden sich mehr als 4,5 Millionen Stichwörter, nützliche Redewendungen und Synonyme inklusive Anwendungsbeispiele und Vertonungen “in geprüfter … Weiter lesen ... read more
    1 day ago
  • An A -Z Guide to Translation Buying
    Finding a decent translation provider is not an easy task. The number of questions you have to ask yourself: Is it expensive? What does the price depend on? Agency or freelancer? Will they get it right? is never ending.With this blog, I've been trying to answer the questions and solve the potential problems that turn translation buyers into insomniacs. Take a look at the Client Zone for some useful articles, and… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Meeting Preparation: Then and Now
    So you have a job lined up and you're not an expert at the subject. How to prepare? ... read more
    1 day ago
  • The writing on the wall: Mediocrity is the New Black…
    OK, let’s get the objections out of the way here and now. I’m a professional writer and the wrong side of 50. But are those the only reasons why I get so irritated by sloppy, fault-ridden business writing that not only is cosmetically bad, but also is poorly structured and heaving with inaccuracies? A while back the PR consultant working for one of my publishers sent me what I thought… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Fingerübungen
    Will­kom­men auf den Blog­sei­ten ei­ner Sprach­ar­bei­ter­in. Hier den­ke ich da­rü­ber nach, was wir als Kon­fe­renz­dol­met­scher und Über­setzer so machen, na­tür­lich stets un­ter Wah­rung dienst­li­cher Geheimnisse. Heute: Vertragsverhandlung.Nicht nur die Fahrbahn ist nassDas Gespräch über einen mög­li­chen Einsatz gerät ins Stocken, als ich mich ver­plap­pe­re. Es geht um einen Dol­metsch­ein­satz bei einer Fahr­schu­lung. Dummerweise ist mir raus­ge­rutscht, dass ich keinen Füh­rer­schein ha­be. (Die Augen sind zu schlecht.) Eine Pause tritt ein.… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Start!
    Will­kom­men auf den Sei­ten mei­nes di­gi­ta­len Ar­­beits­­ta­­ge­­bu­ches. Ich bin Dol­met­sche­rin und Über­set­ze­rin und ar­bei­te in Pa­ris, Ber­lin, Mün­chen und dort, wo Sie mich brau­chen.Sonn­tag am Ka­nal, über­all in Ber­lin fin­den Kunst- und Kul­tur­fes­ti­vals statt, zwi­schen­durch ge­nie­ßen vie­le Ein­woh­ner und Be­su­cher die Na­tur in­mit­ten der Stadt.Und ei­ner der Be­woh­ner der Stadt sieht ganz be­son­ders nach Auf­bruch aus.______________________________  Fotoreihe: C.E.soweit nichts anderes vermerkt: (c) caroline elias, ... read more
    1 day ago
  • EU institutions are looking for conference interpreters
    The EU institutions are looking for conference interpreters with Czech, Croatian, Lithuanian or Maltese as their main language to be recruited as permanent staff (AD5/AD7).   As a conference interpreter working at the EU institutions, you will ensure that the discussions held at various meetings are correctly interpreted into an official language of the European Union. To apply for this position, you should have: EU citizenship; and  four-year university undergraduate course in conference interpreting;  or a master’s degree in conference interpreting;or… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • England und Wales: Mehr als 24 Millionen Euro pro Jahr für Gerichtsdolmetscher – Tendenz stark steigend
    Nach Angaben des britischen Justizministeriums wurden in England und Wales im Abrechnungszeitraum 2011/2012 umgerechnet etwas mehr als 16,9 Mio. Euro für Gerichtsdolmetscher ausgegeben – einschließlich der damit in Zusammenhang stehenden Übersetzungen und dem Telefondolmetschen. Ein Jahr später, 2012/2013, waren es 5,6 Mio. Euro mehr, nämlich 22,5 Mio. Euro. Im Abrechnungszeitraum … Weiter lesen ... read more
    2 days ago
  • Economic Update: Pope Questions Capitalism
    2 days ago
  • Socialism Means Abolishing the Distinction Between Bosses and Employees
    2 days ago