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  • “Fuzzies: random words hidden in a text in an attempt to get a discount.”
    “Fuzzies: random words hidden in a text in an attempt to get a discount.” ... read more
    4 hours ago
  • Immigration Is the Labour Party’s Millstone
    (source)  The most fundamental distinction lawyers and philosophers learn is between 'ought' and 'is', or the similar fact/value distinction. If you go into court and argue that your client should not be sent to prison because the laws are unfair and really ought to be improved, you will lose, and your client will go to prison. As the old saying goes, this ain't a court of justice, this is… ... read more
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    4 hours ago
  • We all laughed when we told you how co-admin was going on holiday, but right now I’m not…
    We all laughed when we told you how co-admin was going on holiday, but right now I’m not finding it so funny anymore. It feels like I’ve lost an arm or something. Like, three fingers at least ... read more
    4 hours ago
  • When Studio crashes
    8 hours ago
  • Interview with Marcin Feder
    Marcin Feder has been an interpreter at the European Parliament since 2003 and the Head of the Polish Interpretation Unit since 2012. He studied at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (MA in English and PhD in Linguistics) and Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA (Junior Fulbright Scholarship). His working languages are PL (A); EN (B) and SV (C). These days, apart from his regular duties, his main interests… ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • Solidarität – ein altmodischer Begriff?
    Vor ein paar Tagen hat eine Kollegin das Thema Solidarität unter Übersetzern aufgeworfen. Eine interessante Frage, die es wert ist, genauer analysiert zu werden – und bei näherem Betrachten ist der Begriff „Übersetzer“ sicher durch viele andere Berufsbezeichnungen ersetzbar. Gibt es so etwas wie Solidarität unter Übersetzern, fragte kürzlich meine Kollegin Tanya Quintieri sowohl auf Facebook als auch auf Twitter. Mich beschäftigte zunächst die Frage: Was verstehen wir unter… ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • Why candidates fail NAATI translation and interpreting tests…
    …and how to make sure you pass. Have you taken a NAATI test in translation or interpreting? Or are you thinking about it? Here’s what Dave Deck from NAATI recently had to say about why candidates fail the test, and what stands out about those who pass. ... read more
    9 hours ago
  • Third Roundtable on Forensic Linguistics, Mainz, Germany
    The Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL) is holding its Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics 2015, which will be the third annual event, from September 4th- 6th 2015 in Mainz, Germany. The purpose of the GSFL Roundtable is to provide researchers, teachers, and practitioners working within forensic linguistics the opportunity to present and discuss their work within […] ... read more
    10 hours ago
  • Going Global? Translators can help you Break the Barrier of Language!
    This is a guest post by Alexander Zeller It might seem a heady dream for any business to contemplate expanding past their normal commercial frontier, especially if they think they have something that... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... read more
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  • Do the Minions Speak a Real Language?
    Like everyone else, I love the Minions in the Despicable Me movies, but as someone who also loves language, I wondered about the Minions' language. Is it real or is it nonsense? Some movies have hired linguists to construct new languages: Avatar producers hired a linguist to construct the Na'vi language.  (1) Star Trek producers hired a linguist to construct Klingon. (2Land of the Lost producers hired a linguist to construct… ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • Economic Update: Capitalism’s Endless Costs
    18 hours ago
  • Prof. Wolff on Community Progressive Radio
    19 hours ago
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  • Proz experiment with rates for games localization (freelancers)
    "Proz is dead." I bet you've heard that one before. This is what people say in 2015. This is what they've said in 2010. And I bet that this is what they will be saying in 2020. Many translators have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Proz.See it on, via Translation and Localization ... read more
    22 hours ago
  • You Cannot Film the Police in Germany
    The German press is fascinated and disturbed by videos of American police using excessive force, like the one above. Why do these videos exist? Because in the United States, it is every citizens' constitutional right to film the police doing their job unless they are interfering with police work: Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right — and that… ... read more
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    24 hours ago
  • Räuberpistole
    Hello, bon­jour und gu­ten Tag! Hier bloggt eine Dol­met­scher­in aus Berlin, Pa­ris, Mar­seille, Schwe­rin oder Mün­chen ... kurz: von dort, wo Sie mich brauchen. Ich arbeite neben der mündlichen Vermittlung auch als Übersetzerin, d.h. ich über­tra­ge schriftlich Texte aus dem Politik- und Kulturbereich, allerdings keine Per­so­nal­do­ku­men­te. Hier beginnt mein Rückblick auf die letzte Saison. Fotografieren verbotenEinmal habe ich kurz Angst um mein Leben. Wir sitzen in Paris in einem Lu­xus­ho­tel, ein… ... read more
    24 hours ago
  • Global Chatter – July: Romanian Expressions & International Genealogy
    Welcome to Comtec Translation’s Global Chatter roundup, a new monthly feature bringing you the latest blogs, posts and online stuff all about translation & world languages. Each month we’ll be scouring the World Wide Web to bring you the most interesting, helpful and amusing stories from across the internet (and the globe) to give you The post Global Chatter – July: Romanian Expressions & International Genealogy appeared first on Comtec… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • “Great interpreting is 1 part inspiration, 1 part perspiration, 1 part teamwork, 7 parts learning how…”
    “Great interpreting is 1 part inspiration, 1 part perspiration, 1 part teamwork, 7 parts ... read more
    1 day ago
  • News of TermCoord for the week: International Conferences
    Every week we check the calendar of International Conferences in order to provide you with a list of the most relevant and interesting events focused on terminology, translation and linguistics. Our weekly proposal mainly contains European conferences, without excluding the major international conferences worldwide. Here is the list of the rest of International Conferences for this week: Mannheim (Germany), 26-29 July 2015: 34th Romanistentag: “Romance Philology and Economy: Structure, Culture,… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Makes its International Debut
    Until now, I've only seen brief mentions of the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport fiasco in the English-language press. But now, Bloomberg brings all the gory details into the Interwebs, in all their goriness: “Professor, let me understand this,” Loge said. “You are talking about having 800 people wearing orange vests, sitting on camping stools, holding thermoses filled with coffee, and shouting into their cell phones, ‘Open the fire door’?” Loge refused… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    1 day ago
  • Brócoli, pimientos y otras adaptaciones de cine
    El estreno de la película de Pixar Del revés (Inside Out, 2015), además de la polémica con los personajes (Tristeza es rellenita y poco agraciada —dicen— y Alegría es delgada y atractiva) ha sacado a la luz un aspecto curioso, que no nuevo, del cine: las adaptaciones culturales. Si la intención primordial de un producto audiovisual es que llegue al espectador y que este lo reciba con naturalidad y no le… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Monday smile – Light at the end of the tunnel
    To all those not on holiday… Have a great week! ... read more
    1 day ago
  • When a proofing job runs late, and your entire work plan for the week has to be rearranged, and it’s only Monday
    1 day ago
  • Engineering Translation Techniques
    Engineering Translation Techniques   Engineering is a prolific field where translation is required extensively. Technical documents need clear and precise translations that preserve the initial meaning of terms. In the engineering industry, translation will be required in many situations. Some examples are: technical drawings, operating manuals, different plans, technical patents, technical reports, engineering specifications, safety […] ... read more
    1 day ago