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  • Congradulations or Congratulations?
    A couple of weeks ago on the Grammar Girl Facebook group, people were talking about the difference between “graduated college” and “graduated from college” and a reader named Loriano commented that it bugs her when people write congradulations with a D on graduation cards instead of congratulations (spelled properly with a T). Obviously, it’s a play on the word graduate which has a D, but it made me wonder… ... read more
    4 hours ago
  • Terminology in The Global English Style Guide: A book recommendation
    First, a disclaimer. I’m recommending this book because I believe it’s a great guide. I don’t know the author or have any contact with him and I’m not receiving any monetary or other kind of compensation by recommending this book. My blog is educational and its goal is to share information that I consider useful. Trying to go back slowly to posting in my blog, I wanted to share… ... read more
    5 hours ago
  • SDI München erweitert Angebot an Seminaren für im Beruf stehende Übersetzer und Dolmetscher
    Das Bildungsnetzwerk SDI München baut den Geschäftsbereich “Seminare & Training” aus. Fachleute und Sprachexperten eröffnen neue Perspektiven für Themen wie Übersetzen von Webseiten und die Schnittstelle technische Dokumentation/Übersetzung. Die neuen Expertenseminare des SDI München für im Beruf stehende technische Redakteure, Übersetzer und Dolmetscher drehen sich um die Kernkompetenzen des Hauses … Weiter lesen ... read more
    6 hours ago
  • What to write when you want to complain – 10 Quick Tips
    About a year ago I wrote an article on how to write an apology that not only appeases the wrath of the wronged customer, but also offers compensatory action that will turn him or her from a snarling Godzilla into a loyal and trusting customer long term. In many ways, the same approach that’s recommended for writing an effective apology – assertiveness and sticking to the facts – is what… ... read more
    7 hours ago
  • How Gender Builds Language Barriers
    English is a language without gender. Well, sort of. What that debatable affirmation refers to is the lack of gender inherent in lexicons of the English language (i.e., any words other than certain pronouns). For people who speak only English, this is something that isn’t an issue. Now if those people want to learn, say, German or Spanish or French, well… we may then run into a few obstacles along… ... read more
    11 hours ago
  • But it only makes perfect sense because it is not really a machine translation
      Last week I gave two different cost estimates to two different clients for translating Japanese patents. One document was very short, only two pages, and my estimate for translating it into English was for 240 dollars. My price quote was accepted, I translated the short document, printed, proofread and delivered it, and I already received payment for it. The other cost estimate was a little bit more… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Mamá, quiero ser traductor
    Ha pasado ya un año desde la última entrada que publiqué aquí, pero hoy he decidido volver a la blogosfera para dar respuesta a una pregunta que me han formulado decenas de veces a lo largo de estos años y que se plantearán muchas otras personas en los años venideros: quiero ser traductor, ¿qué hago? Lógicamente, no hay recetas mágicas y cada caso tiene sus particularidades, pero si tuviera que… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Rush Fees Are Legitimate
    Essentially, there are two legitimate reasons for charging someone a price, just as there are two major types of pricing:cost to provide, or harm or inconvenience sustained on the part of that someone (similar to cost plus pricing)benefit created for that someone (value-based pricing, which does not necessarily involve manipulation of supply and demand)For a more detailed picture see congestion pricing and relationship-based pricing.Your costs are not only the bills you pay and the prices of equipment… ... read more
    Source: GosTalks
    14 hours ago
  • Why you can never rely on Google Translate
    If you're of the opinion that the existence of Google Translate – and a dozen other online translation applications – means that you never have to bother becoming bilingual, guess again. While online translation apps are good for getting a sense of what's been typed out in a foreign language, it turns out that they're rather useless if you want to use them to hold a conversation with anyone. In… ... read more
    15 hours ago
  • (Almost) Wordless Wednesday
    16 hours ago
  • May 27, 2015
    May 27, 2015 Do Translation Clients Even Know What They Really Want?   This post has been generated by Page2RSS ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • When the floor is given to Angela Merkel
    17 hours ago
  • Curso: «Xbench, el salvavidas del traductor»
    La AGPTI abre el plazo de preinscripción para el curso «Xbench, el salvavidas del traductor». Este curso presencial, impartido en castellano por Rocío Serrano tendrá lugar en Santiago de Compostela el 26 de junio, de 16.30 a 20.30. La información completa sobre esta actividad de formación y el proceso de inscripción puede consultarse aquí. ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • Translation and the “asset that is worth owning”
    I have been listening to many podcasts and online courses over the past few weeks. In that process, generally geared towards polishing my own definition of myself as a professional, I have gleaned a lot of useful information, and I would like to share some of it here.One of the stars of my recent research was a course from Seth Godin on Udemy which turned out to be enlightening in many ways."Build what you need. It's… ... read more
    Source: Word Assets
    18 hours ago
  • How to be a VIC (III): Send your Documents as Editable Files
    To keep your translator happy and be one of their VICs (very important clients), it is best to send editable versions of your documents so that they can focus on its content without spending time and effort on recreating the … Continue reading ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • (25)(5)Job Posting (Vietnamese): Las Vegas
    (25) (5)Job Posting (Vietnamese): Las Vegas Job Posting (Vietnamese): Las Vegas While this job is not directly translation-related, it comes from a dear client and it might be of interest either to a beginning translator or a Vietnamese speaker who is looking for a steady entry-level position. Please see the job posting and application information below . Let us know if one of you… ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • Solution for a multicultural Europe: video remote interpreting
    Due to the increasing importance of linguistic diversity in a multicultural Europe and the arising need for the community interpreting at the same time, Austrian based SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH is Europe’s leading company in the field of video remote interpreting (VRI) providing its services to a wide range of institutions such as hospitals, clinics, immigration detention facilities, public employment facilities, prisons etc. VRI enables institutions across Austria to connect to… ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • Merci beaucoup XIV
    Bien­­ve­­nue und will­­­kom­­­men! Sie le­­sen hier No­­ti­­zen aus dem Sprach­mitt­­ler­­be­­rufs­­all­­tag. Als Dol­­met­­scherin und Über­setzerin ar­bei­te ich in Paris, Berlin, Toulouse, Köln und überall dort, wo ich gebraucht werde. Wörterbücher, Vokabellisten, Lernkarteien und FachliteraturFeedback von einer Über­setz­ungs­kun­din: "Vielen Dank für diese sehr gute, schnelle und verlässliche Arbeit!!"Es ging um ein Drehbuch, das in der Zeit spielt, in der mein Vater in Kind war.Sowas freut ganz ungemein, das wollte ich unbedingt schnell… ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • Five ways to inspire other translators
    Freelance translators drive this industry forward. We make it a better and more sustainable place to work. We are the ones who detect the need for change within the profession and try to go about turning things around. But some ways are far more effective than others in bringing about change. Here are some methods I’ve found useful in making a positive and long-lasting contribution to the industry. 1.… ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • ‘This job will not be revised’
    22 hours ago
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    23 hours ago
  • Critics of Capitalism Must Include Its Definition
    1 day ago
  • BDÜ Rheinland-Pfalz und BASF-Sprachendienst trauern um Basil Byrt
    Basil Byrt vom Sprachendienst der BASF, der sich über Jahrzehnte in verschiedenen Ämtern im BDÜ Rheinland-Pfalz engagierte, ist Ende 2014 verstorben, wie erst jetzt bekannt wurde. Der geborene Brite war bis zum Eintritt in den Ruhestand in leitender Funktion Übersetzer im Sprachendienst des Chemie-Giganten am Stammsitz der Gruppe in Ludwigshafen … Weiter lesen ... read more
    1 day ago
  • ¡No hay tres sin cuatro!
    Tras las ediciones de 2012, 2013 y 2014, el Diario de un alemol ha vuelto a ser nominado para los Blogs de profesionales de idiomas 2015, una categoría del concurso Language Lovers 2015. Muchas gracias a todos los que me … Continue reading ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Great news! My blog has been nominated!
    I know you hadn’t heard from me for a while, but I was studying in preparation for the ECQA Advanced TM examination by TermNet, which I am happy to report I passed today! Yay! I feel bad because I know that I abandoned my blog since I came back from Luxembourg, so today a new phase starts. And what better way to celebrate it than telling you that my blog has… ... read more
    1 day ago