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  • Polyglot Blog
    Alex Rawlings is a polyglot who blogs about it here and also teaches workshops on it. ... read more
    4 hours ago
  • Writing about my home on Canada Day
    Before we go any further, greetings to all you Canadians far and wide on this, our national day. (And no jokes…) Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s nice to know that we managed to extricate ourselves from total domination by the Brits without having to hurl tons of tea into Boston harbour or by throwing tubs of hot poutine at visiting British dignitaries who wouldn’t know a gravy-soaked cheese… ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • VKD veröffentlicht Fußball-Glossar zur Weltmeisterschaft der Frauen
    In Kanada findet derzeit die Fußballweltmeisterschaft der Frauen statt. Die deutsche Mannschaft kam bis unter die letzten vier und spielt am Wochenende um Platz 3. Der Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD) innerhalb des BDÜ hat aus diesem Anlass ein kleines Glossar mit 13 zentralen Fußballbegriffen in 12 Sprachen erstellt. Auf der … Weiter lesen ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • Translation events – July 2015
    9 hours ago
  • adventuresintheshadeoftea: claidilady: claidilady: “Running…
    adventuresintheshadeoftea: claidilady: claidilady: “Running of the interns outside the Supreme Court 6/26/2015″ RUN INTERNS, BRING THE GOOD NEWS TO THE PEOPLE, hol y shit i did nto fucking realize. this happens.,vine.LET ME FURTHER ELABORATE ON THE HILARITY OF THE BEST AMERICAN POLITICAL PRACTICE TO EXIST, “THE ANNUAL RUNNING OF THE INTERNS”: RECORDINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. SO WHEN A DECISION IS MADE, COPIES ARE HANDED TO MEMBERS OF… ... read more
    10 hours ago
  • Who run the world? Girls!
    New month, new editorial calendar, new series… Great times are coming indeed! The time has come to disclose our new editorial calendar with the special feature of our brand new interview series: Greatest Women in Translation. So here it is: On the 1st of every month, we’ll have the brand new interview series, starting tomorrow. On the 10th of every month, we’ll keep having guests writing about diverse and… ... read more
    11 hours ago
  • Some administrators make interpreting very difficult.
    Dear colleagues: Interpreting is an extremely difficult profession. Besides mastering their craft, interpreters must know enough about practically everything, possess the will to research and study, and be confident and clear when assisting others who need to communicate in two different languages. This is a plate full of challenges, sleep-deprivation, and the need to be aware that this is a business where we need to excel if we want to survive. … ... read more
    11 hours ago
  • (30)(4)Interpreting Tip: Try This
    (30) (4)Interpreting Tip: Try This Interpreting Tip: Try This Image created on For today's quick and short post about interpreting (which will take you less than three minutes to read), we'd like to share an easy technique that should help you improve your interpreting skills. It's a true-and-tried technique, but one that we also frequently forget about. Whenever we do remember to do it, we… ... read more
    12 hours ago
  • Global Markets and Translation Services – Infographic Series (part 1)
    Businesses and consumers today are better connected and more informed than ever before. When they set out to gather information about a product or service, they expect to find it online. The process of localizing your product or service and your website for different countries and regions is critical to realizing the potential value of your target market. Market research company Common Sense Advisory has found that global customers are “75% more… ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • Your admins today
    16 hours ago
  • Studio 2015: AutoSuggest Gets Even Better
    Studio 2015 comes with significant updates to the AutoSuggest feature, which will be a welcome productivity enhancement for users.Translation Memory and Automated Translation Suggestions in Studio 2015In addition to Termbases, AutoSuggest Dictionaries and AutoText, Studio 2015 includes a new AutoSuggest provider: Translation Memory and Automated Translation.** For Automated Translation suggestions to be provided, an automated translation provider, such as Google Translate, must be added to the list of Translation Memories.Depending… ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • The New Bilingual Excel File Type in Studio 2015
    With the new Bilingual Excel file type in Studio 2015, we can extract text from a specific column for translation and have Studio insert the translated text into a different column in the target file. No more cutting and pasting!Note: File type and filter are sometimes used interchangeably, so Bilingual Excel file type and Bilingual Excel filter refer to the same thing in this post.What It DoesHere's a typical use… ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • Tu revista, DELEÁTUR
    Un nuevo número de Deleátur, la revista de los correctores, asesores lingüísticos, traductores..., acaba de salir al quiosco virtual de UniCo. No te la pierdas, es el especial dedicado al FIE 2.0. En la sección «Desconferencia» de este especial, los traductores y los correctores se sentaron a hablar, sobre sus puntos en común, la necesidad de colaborar, etc. En la sección «Instituciones», la RAG es la protagonista. ENETI, los recientes… ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • Dear God No Cannot Be Unseen
    One day soon someone's going to fly a camera mini-drone over an East German nude beach. Then take a look at the resulting files, delete them, and sell the drone on eBay.  ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    18 hours ago
  • My commute this morning was 7 steps
    My commute this morning was 7 steps ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • “Apparently humour is a better stress-reliever than exercise. So, from now on, I will sit in my house…”
    “Apparently humour is a better stress-reliever than exercise. So, from now on, I will sit in ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • ADÜ Nord: Infoblatt 3/2015 stellt CafeTran Espresso vor, das TM-Tool für Apple-Computer
    Soeben ist das Infoblatt 3/2015 des ADÜ Nord erschienen. Die Themen im Einzelnen: Titelthema CafeTran Espresso: Ein starkes TM-Tool für den Mac SDL Trados Studio durch Apps erweitern Aus- und Weiterbildung Webinare von ACADEMIA Webinars Aus unserem Verband Kontaktpersonen Aus dem Vorstand Kollegentreffen im Kletterpark Mitgliederjahresversammlung 2015 Bremer Runde in … Weiter lesen ... read more
    19 hours ago
  • China Will Soon Be Genetically Engineering Smarter, Sexier People
    No matter how irreligious Germany gets, it shares with many Western European countries a common cultural heritage of Christian natural law thinking, especially about human dignity. This makes Germany queasy about things such as in vitro fertilization, surrogate parenting, embryo research, and pre-implantation genetic diagnostics. Some of these new technologies are banned, others allowed, all are regulated. It’s all a bit stuffy and old-fashioned, like the basement of an ecumenical… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    20 hours ago
  • Content Marketing Monatsrückblick Juni 2015
    Es ist heiß. Welche heißen Tipps rund um Content Marketing und Linkbuilding wurden in diesem Monat publik gemacht? Eine coole Zusammenfassung. Die Themen: +++ richtig fürs Web schreiben +++ Schluss mit S#!t Posting +++ Begriffsklärung: Schleichwerbung oder Native Ad? +++ Linkquellen recherchieren mit Ethnographie +++ Ja, das Format heißt jetzt Content Marketing Monatsrückblick. Die Neuigkeiten und Nachrichten rund um das Kernthema Linkaufbau haben in Anzahl und Qualität nachgelassen. Natürlich wird… ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • My PM sent me a bit of Friday motivation.
    My PM sent me a bit of Friday motivation. ... read more
    22 hours ago
  • Freelance digital copywriter for Womankind Worldwide
    Womankind Worldwide is looking for a freelance digital copywriter to write the copy for its new website. ... read more
    22 hours ago
  • New gender neutral pronouns and titles: “Hen” and “Mx”
    Although in most situations the social standards force us to consent the binary rules of gender, social reality is much more complex than that and counts with many exceptions; different gender identities and expressions that, fortunately, are increasingly more visible and claim the breakdown of this dichotomy. To break with these binary rules of gender and above all, to include people who decide staying out of them, it is… ... read more
    22 hours ago
  • Lesson 132: 7 translation business paradoxes that are surprisingly true
    Though the business world may seem paradoxical, especially if you’re facing tough and puzzling situations at various stages of your career, I’ve identified some paradoxes that are in fact true. Even more so, they’re true and helpful. Sometimes looking at sentences that make you think twice forces you to reconsider your beliefs and convictions. So in this article I wanted to share 7 of such paradoxes with you hoping they’ll… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Criminocorpus
    Criminocorpus is an online scholarly publication on the subject of criminal justice history. It provides researchers and the general public with free access to a wide range of primary sources, together with analysis of key subjects by leading specialists in the field. There are also a growing number of online multimedia exhibitions. The Criminocorpus site contains […] ... read more
    1 day ago
  • Multiple revenue streams, “productizing,” and passive income
    These topics have been on my mind lately; it’s summer, I have more time to think, and I have some airplane rides during which to listen to podcasts that are good food for thought. So here we go: a few thoughts on multiple revenue streams, “productizing,” and passive income for translators. Way back in 2009, […] ... read more
    1 day ago