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  • There’s more to being a freelance copywriter than just writing good words
    Marketing, accounting, project's a wonder freelancers have any time to spend on actual copywriting. ... read more
    1 hour ago
  • Writing properly for business: why does it matter? Really?
    Lots of experts tell you that it’s important to write properly for business. I am no exception. It’s not just about pleasing the Grammar Fascists … writing properly for business wins you more credibility In fact I am often accused of being a Grammar Fascist (Grammar Nazis have fallen foul of the Political Correctness Police, by the way) because I maintain that basic goofs in English are a no-no if… ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • Bilingual By Music
    I discovered Bilingual By Music recently and love the idea. It’s a CD set with two CDs. Each CD has children’s songs on it, but sung in two languages, English and Swedish. It’s a great way for children (and adults) to learn or improve their language skills. I’ve been listening to the Swedish CD with my daughter a lot and we both love it. I believe Bilingual By Music also… ... read more
    8 hours ago
  • Economic Update: Austerity Resistance Rising
    9 hours ago
  • How to find direct clients
    By: Garfield Anderssen Most of the work I do is with agencies. There are advantages to this, the agency will often take care of formatting issues and  can often win larger contracts than a freelancer might. For example, I am currently doing a lot of work in my main specialism of tourism for a large hotel chain through an agency. It’s highly doubtful I’d have been able to win that… ... read more
    16 hours ago
  • 4 Summer dishes for busy freelancers
    Hallo everyone, I never thought I would write about food but food is important and freelancers sometimes skip this part because there isn’t enough time for everything. So let’s just call this post off-topic or slightly off-topic or even a nice roundabout way to get some fresh tips for those of us (most of us? […] ... read more
    17 hours ago
  • JVEG-Auslegung durch OLG Frankfurt: Wenn nicht editierbar, dann 1,75 statt 1,55 Euro berechnen
    Wird einem Übersetzer bei einem nach dem Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz (JVEG) abzurechnenden Auftrag der Ausgangstext in einer nicht editierbaren Form zur Verfügung gestellt, dann darf dieser statt des normalen Zeilenpreises von 1,55 Euro stets ohne weitere Begründung den erhöhten Zeilensatz von 1,75 Euro berechnen. Der Ausgangstext gilt als nicht editierbar, … Weiter lesen ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • JVEG-Auslegung durch OLG Frankfurt: Wenn Ausgangstext nicht editierbar, dann 1,75 Euro statt 1,55 Euro pro Zeile berechnen
    Wird einem Übersetzer bei einem nach dem Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz (JVEG) abzurechnenden Auftrag der Ausgangstext in einer nicht editierbaren Form (also auf Papier oder als PDF-Datei) zur Verfügung gestellt, dann darf dieser statt des normalen Zeilenpreises von 1,55 Euro stets ohne weitere Begründung den erhöhten Zeilensatz von 1,75 Euro berechnen. … Weiter lesen ... read more
    18 hours ago
  • Berliner Karneval
    Bonjour, guten Tag. Ganz gleich, ob ich in Paris oder Berlin bin, Sie können mich auch kurzfristig für Einsätze anfragen, denn ich bin Teil eines Netzwerks aus qua­li­fi­zier­ten Freiberuflern. Derzeit bereite ich mich auf eine Kon­fe­renz und eine Drehreise vor. Terminanfragen erreichen mich am besten per Mail und per Mo­bil­te­le­fon.Berlin ist nicht gerade für seinen Karneval bekannt, zumindest nicht für den "ech­ten", der ja noch im Winter liegt und der… ... read more
    20 hours ago
  • Six steps to succeed in overseas business meetings
    With the ever-growing importance of international business and export sales, successful meetings with new and existing clients based overseas are critical to ensuring your business performs well in your target markets. While the fundamentals may be the same, there are some things that must be taken into consideration when meetings overseas. What are the local The post Six steps to succeed in overseas business meetings appeared first on Comtec Translations. ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • Monday smile – Learning Latin with Le Petit Nicolas
    Le Petit Nicolas is one of my all time favourites – along with Winnie-the-Pooh (see this post) for philosophical gems. …Continue reading ... read more
    21 hours ago
  • News of TermCoord for this week: International Conferences
    Every week we check the calendar of International Conferences in order to provide you with a list of the most relevant and interesting events focused on terminology, translation and linguistics. Our weekly proposal mainly contains European conferences, without excluding the major international conferences worldwide. Here is the list of International Conferences of the week: Leipzig (Germany), 27-29 May 2015: 8th International Conference on Language Variations in Europe (ICLaVE8) Montreal (Canada),… ... read more
    23 hours ago
  • How to contact agencies by email
    This is a guest post by Ron McKoy Email is a powerful tool and it makes perfect sense for translators to use email to contact agencies in the course of seeking project work. Advantages of using email to contact translation agencies include: Email can be sent any time of day, no matter the time zone […] The post How to contact agencies by email appeared first on Marketing tips for… ... read more
    1 day ago
  • How to spot a bad translation agency
    How to spot a bad translation agency   You own a business and you need translation services? You probably wonder how you can find the perfect translation agency. This article might really help you. As they are so many translation agencies to choose from, deciding which ones are good and which ones are bad has […] ... read more
    1 day ago
  • On US Memorial Day…
    Thinking of our US readers today at your time of remembrance, and sharing your desire for worldwide peace. May we writers contribute towards that as much as we can. Memorial Day USA 2015 Please share your thoughts on Memorial Day here Image thanks to ... read more
    1 day ago
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  • 20 jokes that will try your intelligence – or your patience!
    Smart jokes? Writing clever jokes is a wonderful skill and whoever wrote these had not only a sense of humor, but also a brain. Many thanks to my old friend and colleague Roger Frosh who shared these with me recently. Enjoy. (Or considering this for intellectuals, perhaps I should say “venerate.” Of course you “got” them all. What other clever jokes can you share with us? … ... read more
    2 days ago
  • “Dialogdolmetschen und Technologie” – Zweite InDialog-Konferenz vom 20. bis 21. November 2015 in Berlin
    Die zweite internationale InDialog-Konferenz zum Thema “Dialogdolmetschen und Technologie” kehrt vom 20. bis 21. November 2015 ins Russische Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur nach Berlin zurück. Die Konferenz findet in Verbindung mit der Expolingua Berlin statt, der internationalen Messe für Sprachen und Kulturen. Unter “Dialogdolmetschen” verstehen die Veranstalter den gesamten … Weiter lesen ... read more
    2 days ago
  • Prioritizing your Translation Needs: Quality, Speed and Price
    Tweet When you have a large – or even small – translation project at hand, there are three factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a translation agency, and they come from the classic quality/speed/cost project management triangle.   In an ideal business world, your goal would naturally be to achieve all three goals, and end up with a top-quality translation, delivered quickly at the lowest possible price.… ... read more
    2 days ago
  • IQ is the Best Predictor of Human Achievement
    For a bit of context, the good Dr. Thompson, on his excellent blog, gives a brief summary of the most important things to know about intelligence (emphasis added): Intelligence does not guarantee good decision-making in all circumstances, simply better decision-making in more circumstances than a duller person.  Some problems forms are inherently difficult and ambiguous. For example, it is easier to understand natural frequencies than percentages with decimal point.… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    3 days ago
  • Selma Lagerlöfs “Nils Holgersson”: Großes Buch mangelhaft neu übersetzt
    Ende 2014 hat “Die andere Bibliothek” einen Klassiker der Weltliteratur in neuer Übersetzung herausgebracht: Selma Lagerlöfs “Nils Holgersson”. Das Werk wurde erstmals vollständig übersetzt und mit den Abbildungen von Bertil Lybeck aus der schwedischen Ausgabe von 1931 versehen. Dazu schreibt der Verlag: Nils Holgersson, ein Klassiker der Weltliteratur und bereits … Weiter lesen ... read more
    3 days ago
  • The ‘Blank Slate’ is Now as Dead as Phrenology
    The blank slate theory of human development holds that human beings are all born with roughly equal capacities, and that variations between humans on an individual and group level exist solely (or almost solely) because of environmental factors. This idea has always had its supporters, and they gained the upper hand in the early 20th century, bolstered by a few fairly primitive ethnographic studies and the ideological backlash against the… ... read more
    Source: German Joys
    3 days ago
  • Stylist
    Bien­ve­nue ! Wie schön, dass Sie auf den Sei­ten meines Blogs ge­lan­det sind. Hier schrei­be ich, wie der Sprach­be­ruf, ich bin Dol­met­scherin und Über­setzerin, den All­tag verändert. Ich kann mir nicht einmal die Haare schneiden lassen, ohne dass das Dolmetscherhirn rödelt.Hauptsache das Ergebnis ist gutNeulich war ich mal wieder beim Frisör. Beim Frisör oder Friseur? Als Fran­zö­sisch­dol­met­scherin müsste ich eigentlich zum Friseur gehen, das sieht doch viel fran­zö­si­scher aus! Allerdings… ... read more
    3 days ago
  • Mind Maps
    Hallo! Sie lesen hier im Arbeitstagebuch einer Dolmetscherin und Übersetzerin für die französische Sprache, die in den Bereichen Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Bil­dung tätig ist. Heute spreche ich recht offen über eine schwierige Dol­metsch­si­tua­ti­on. Da der Redner sehr offen damit umgegangen ist, nenne ich hier den Ort des Geschehens, der ein Lernort ist: das Info-Café des deutsch-französisches Ju­gend­werks."Der Redner meinte es also doch ernst", denke ich erschrocken, als er nach… ... read more
    3 days ago
  • Two Different Ways of Working With a Proofreader (and Pitfalls and Scams)
    There are essentially two types of translato-proofreader relationships (other than role switching between double-hatting equals, i.e. two similarly qualified translators serving each other's second pair of eyes):The proofreader, as the more experienced party, is also the reviewer, reviser and overall sort of supervisor responsible for the final quality. (Proofreader ultimately responsible.)The proofreader, as the less active party, with less exposure, is only the translator's assistant, where the translator makes the… ... read more
    Source: GosTalks
    3 days ago