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Friday August 1, 2014

22:36 The Pronoun Game »Translation Blog
In Chasing Amy, by U.S. filmmaker Kevin Smith, the lead character in the film makes an unexpected switch in her relationship preferences and decides to tell her friends, all of whom are lesbians, that she is going out with “someone.” Her friends, without missing a beat, start to interrogate the character named Alyssa, played by […]
16:24 New series: Short interviews with website owners! – Ana Dias »Websites for Translators
Welcome to Day Four of our Week of Marketing Goodness… have you already found your perfect website package to go for? There’s still time as the offers last until 03.08! Today we begin a new series in our blog – website owners will be answering a few questions on how helpful websites actually are. So […]
15:31 Weekly favorites (July 25-31) »Adventures in Freelance Translation
Weekly Favorites 11Weekly series of posts based on our favorite tweeted content over the past week. Topics: translation, interpreting, languages, freelancing and business.
15:21 Luftiger, moderner, zweckmäßiger: BDÜ hat Verbands-Website umgestaltet » - Das Nachrichtenportal für Übersetzer
Der BDÜ hat heute die neu gestaltete Website des Verbandes freigeschaltet. Die Modernisierung und Aufhübschung des veralteten Layouts war seit Langem in Arbeit und ist nun noch rechtzeitig vor Beginn des FIT-Kongresses fertig geworden. [Text: Richard Schneider. Bild: Richard Schneider.]  
15:19 3 Ways to Speak English »AIM Danışmanlık | Consulting
When I first came across this video, I thought this is all about dialects and different usages of English; however, it turned out to be something totally different and something political and cultural. I really liked the way she expresses herself and the remarks she made such as “This is not a promotion of ignorance, […]