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Friday November 28, 2014

02:10 Another day of gratitude: paying it forward »Translation Tribulations

Thursday November 27, 2014

19:33 20 (or so) questions on how Maria (@mlspanish) works »Adventures in Freelance Translation
How I work seriesThis series of posts was inspired by Lifehacker’s How I Work series, which I thoroughly enjoy. It’s about time we discover how our colleagues work and get to know them a little better.
19:11 An Illustrated Catalog of Untranslatable Words »AIM Danışmanlık | Consulting
In many blog posts before, we discussed that there are many untranslatable words that should be explained across cultures. As language evolves parallel to people’s need of expression, it is quite normal that there are different terms in different cultures. To understand these terms and words, one should really understand the culture itself. Anyway, Maria […]