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Wednesday October 26, 2016

18:12 Separate the Colors, Leave the Lids On »German Joys
The local news visits the largest glass recycling facility in Europe, in Dormagen. The report clears up a few mysteries about the ubiquitous glass-recycling boxes you see in Germany. First of all, separating glass by colors actually does matter. You...
09:52 suchradar 62: B2B-Ma├čnahmen f├╝r Online Marketer »Die Internetkapit├Ąne
Die kalten grauen Tage haben begonnen, somit wird es Zeit das Gem├╝t zu erhellen und f├╝r frischen Input zu sorgen. Die neue Ausgabe des suchradars ist online und steht zum Download bereit! Dieses Mal mit dem Titelthema ÔÇ×B2B-Ma├čnahmen f├╝r Online MarketerÔÇť. Ein Thema, ├╝ber das bisher viel zu wenig geredet wird, aber immer mehr an […]
07:26 Brexit ÔÇô A checklist to protect language skills and language-related rights »Translation & the law: From words to deeds
In the UK, Members of Parliament and Peers have made┬áan official plea to┬áprotect language skills and language-related rights in the Brexit negotiations. An┬áAll-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages has┬áproduced┬á“Brexit and Languages: A checklist for Government negotiators and officials“, which highlights four essential language-specific objectives of the Brexit process. ┬áGuaranteeing residency status for EU nationals already […]